My Methods

My work is grounded in self-psychology, relational, and mindfulness.

I also use cognitive techniques to get relief from anxiety quickly.

By combining psychodynamic strategies with cognitive behavioral techniques client's are able to experience relief while creating space for deeper change.

My therapeutic approach is to listen with focused attention to your concerns. Rather than blaming yourself, let's be curious about the problems you are struggling with. It's crucial to understand behaviors in order to change. Most important in entering a therapeutic relationship is that you feel welcome and comfortable sharing your thoughts and concerns. With compassion and understanding I want to assist you in overcoming problem patterns, and to build on your strengths. I truly consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to assist individuals and couples in making the changes they desire.

As a clinician my therapeutic approach is to understand your unique complex history, and your particular strengths. I am capable of integrating several therapeutic approaches, including Self Psychology, and Interpersonal with a Relational emphasis.

My special areas of interest include couple/marital issues, parenting issues, anxiety, depression, relationships, women's issues, including infertility, postpartum depression.