Hello, my name is Dorothy Wine.

Dear Viewers, I am now doing teletherapy only during this crises. I am certified in anxiety treatment, (CCATP), as well as teletherapy, (CTMH).

There is hope and help, I don't want you to feel this way one more day!

You deserve a safe environment that allows you to explore your experiences.

Please give me a call, and come in for a free consultation, this way we can find out if we will work well together.

My focus since 2004 is on helping people to live happier lives.

I have successfully helped couples rediscover their loving relationship.

Yes! This is possible!

Additionally, I provide individual counseling that leads to better relationships with those around them.

The literature on counseling demonstrates, that the most important ingredient to successful therapy is the relationship. When a person feels safe, accepted, and the therapist understands them, growth occurs.

Therapy can provide a safe place to express thoughts and feelings free from judgment. It can tap into a person's budding potential and expands self-awareness. Through exploration of thoughts, and emotions, the therapeutic relationship can assist you in developing deeper self understanding and clarity, thus, leading to a more satisfying life.

"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea. never returns to its original form" Oliver Wendell Holmes

This quote captures the essences of therapy. When we open ourselves to a safe other with no judgment. we are provoked to new ways to consider our internal world.

Treatment with a therapist has been shown to significantly relieve symptoms stemming from anxiety, depression and grief.

Many people come to therapy because of unexpected events, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or midlife challenges. It has been my experience that the safe confidential environment of counseling cultivates positive change and promotes a greater sense of well-being. The literature on counseling has demonstrated the most important ingredient in therapy is the relationship with the therapist for a successful outcome. I look forward to our work together. Please call for a free consultation, we can meet in person or talk over the phone about your concerns and needs.

My Philosophy

My approach is active and compassionate. Each of us has our own unique history and a wealth of complex experiences, feelings and concerns.

I want to get to know you and understand your unique personal circumstances.

Together in a collaborative and mindful effort we will work to develop strategies to create positive change.

Within each of us lies the power to achieve self-acceptance and attain our goals.

I want to help you find more peace and calmness in your life.